Welcome to your weekly fix of Yoga information, stay tuned I’ve got some interesting information that can positively impact your day to day health.


If you’ve ever wondered why you should practice Ashtanga Vinyasa I’ve got some good reasons for you!

The majority of people who have sedentary based jobs (office work) sit in a forward flexion position for the majority of their day. Are you one of these people? See what happens to the muscles and spine below

The accumulation of all symptoms above means your lower back ends up taking a lot of load and pressure on a daily! If you have ever had back pain (and yes i have! believe it or not) you will agree its one of the most debilitating feelings that affects not only your body but your mood, emotion and happiness.

I COULD advise you that you shouldn’t sit for long periods, working, driving etc but thats pretty much asking you to change your life! You might tell me where to go! 😉




We perform a large amount of forward folding postures using ACTIVE RELEASE to stretch. This means if are in a forward fold position (hamstring stretch) we MUST contract the front of the legs (quadriceps, thighs) to lengthen the shortened hamstrings from sitting.

We don’t hang out in postures just using our body weight against or muscles and joints! We need to create a ROOT lock through the body engaging the CORE (bandhas) predominantly. We are lengthening or switching off the hip flexors that also get tight sitting by doing this.

We focus on ALWAYS moving into any posture with a long spine see below. This may mean you bend your knees appropriately to ensure this happens. The hamstrings will play catch but this is the safest way to unload them and your back. See below

We backward bend to counter balance the amount of forward folding performed. This addresses opening the shortened chest and shoulder muscles from sitting and opens the thoracic area of the mid spine which rounds during desk or driving activities

AND VOILA!!! You are on your way to feeling better and taking real care of your body. Remember what we do now designs our future health
I am not saying you need to be a yogi everyday! But small consistent practices will positively impact your world for the better.