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The Ashtanga Vinyasa practice isn’t any ordinary practice, misconceptions that yoga is for when you ‘get older’ i find are still rife particularly when people experience forms of yoga that appear on the average gym group exercise timetable.

Generally its not until you step foot into a yoga studio that is heated appropriately the true benefits of the ashtanga vinyasa practice can be experienced. My aim is to bring more understanding around the practice and what a REAL VIGOROUS workout yoga can be.




The Ashtanga Vinyasa practice focuses on real muscular contractions and development of physical strength. We perform the sequence of the ‘Vinyasa’ A LOT during class and this builds fully body strength and burns an incredible amount of calories. Many postures require substantial arm and core strength, your stamina and endurance will improve with practice as well as your core strength.


There is no other great cardio workout that focuses on deep slow breathing at the same time! Because a vinyasa class is often swift in movement pace it is effective in raising heart rate. Sequences in Ashtanga are performed at a continuous dynamic flow meaning a class has real intensity. If you like a vigorous challege then this is the yoga practice for you.


This style of yoga encourages mental flexibility and strength. The practice of ‘asanas’ (poses) can positively affect not only your muscles and joints but also your emotions and enable purification.

By regularly practicing Ashtanga you will find a balance between feelings and emotions. It will help you deal with emotionally difficult situations, work through them and overcome them. The equilibrium in your emotions will cause your organs and your whole body to work more effectively.


During the Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice we focus on keeping your body moving in harmony with the Ujayi (closed mouth) breath.

Breath awareness is extremely important in this style of yoga, its creates a sense of moving meditation, some stillness for your mind, relieves stress and lowering blood pressure and hormone cortisol levels.

The pace of modern life is fast and stressful often, meaning yoga is great medicine not just for your body but your mind.



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Happiness, health and lots of Yoga Love