“Outstanding and dynamic!!! Michelle brings her uplifiting energy and excellence to create a wonderful class…”

– Sharon Woolf

“I had never done Yoga before but Michelle is making me love it. Its definitely helping my aches and pains go away and I’ve never had a sense of balance until now. After just a few lessons and a bit of practice at home I have gone from wobbling around to actually being able to hold a pose.”

– Nicky Garcia

“A few 1-1 sessions in with Michelle and thoroughly recommend. Patient with the ability to really help you technically and make it fun at the same time. Cant wait to keep training.”

– Katie Gannon

“I love practicing with Michelle. She is patient, encouraging, engaging and invested. I have done both group sessions and 1:1 with Michelle and found her to be a real inspiration. She breaks down poses for you and explains them concisely, making everything feel more achievable. I cannot recommend The Kicking Yogi enough.”

– Lucy Lawson

“Amazing instructor and motivational, would highly recommend her workouts”

– Sara Mir Waseem

“Highly recommend. No two classes are the same with Michelle so I cant bear to miss her classes. She is encouraging and challenges you! She also integrates yoga philosophy into her classes which is often lacking in yoga classes these days! She’s so knowledgeable and approachable!”

– Natalie Jane

“I started doing Yoga with Michelle about 2 months ago but only managing once per week. I was really enjoying it and could see the results quite quickly but wanted to do more, so it was great when Michelle started her 12 week online challenge. It allowed me to get on the mat whenever I could and being able to see exactly what positions I should be in and know that I was doing them right. I couldn’t believe how quickly I improved in the poses, each day I could get deeper in to the stretches, my posture was so much better, my shoulders were no longer rounded and I felt like I had more energy and my abs were getting firmer! Each week I look forward to the new challenges and want to push myself. I try to get on the mat in the morning and if I achieve a new pose it sets me up for the day and pushes me to do more. The weekly Live chats are great to cover any problems or just to get tips and advice on the latest flows. Its nice to interact with the other yogis doing the challenge also. I had a lazy week last week only getting on the mat once and it made me realise what a difference yoga has made to me. I felt sluggish, hunched over and my shoulders felt tight again, I had forgotten that I used to have shoulder and arm/wrist pain. Yoga has really helped with this and its made me realise that yoga is now a lifestyle and I wont be missing it again. I highly recommend the 12 week challenge if you want to improve in your poses or just feel better in yourself.”

– Nicola Barlow